Top 5 reasons to Go Solar as a Commercial Building Owner

Lock In Your Rate

Our average commercial solar client locks in their electric rate for the next 25 years with a solar system at 3 cents per watt.

Federal Investment Tax Credit

Receive a 30% Federal Tax Credit from the IRS off the total cost of your solar system even when using a $0 upfront loan

Depreciation Tax Deduction

Receive the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) depreciation tax deduction.

Value Increase

Solar is proven to increase the value of a commercial asset by limiting the Annual Operation Expenses which increases the Net Operating Income.

$0 Upfront Financing

Utilize $0 upfront financing to receive your solar system such Property Assessed Clean Energy loans or use a Capital or Operating Lease.

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Best Strategies to Own a Solar System as a Commercial Building Owner
  • PACE Loan

    The Property Assessed Clean Energy loan program attaches the solar loan to your property not you as the building owner. The loan is paid back thru your property taxes; if you sell the property then the solar system remains with the asset. $0 upfront financing with no personal guarantees

  • Operating Lease

    An Operating Lease is great for a building owner who is not looking for the tax benefits but would like to go solar. The leasor receives the federal tax credit and the depreciation benefit while the leasee enjoys the fixed payment for the solar system. Typically there is a buy out amount at the conclusion of the Operating Lease so that the leasee will own the system. The Leasee can write off these lease payments as an annual expense.

  • Capital Lease

    A Capital Lease allows for a building owner to go solar while also maintaining the tax benefits. The Capital Lease is very similar to a loan except it is not debt on your Balance Sheet.

  • Commercial Loan

    A Commercial Loan is always an option but it becomes debt on your balance sheet.

  • Cash Purchase

    Of course, paying cash for a solar system is always an option that can be considered. The goal is a short pay back period with a strong Internal Rate of Return.


Energy Efficiency

Reduce your energy consumption utilizing Energy Efficiency techniques and tools such as LED replacements, Variable Speed pool pump motors, Variable Speed garage fans, Window Tinting, upgraded Air Conditioners.

Solar System

Produce your own energy with a customized Solar System to meet your building needs. The Solar System will generate Direct Current (DC) from the Solar panels then convert to Alternating Current (AC) at the Inverter in order to power your building.


Utilize a commercial battery system to store your solar power during the day to utilize during high demand/ high peak times of the day. The battery will also be your source for back up power in the event of a hurricane or power outage.

Power Professionals

Let Go Solar Power Provide an Energy Efficiency, Solar & Storage Program for your Building
Which Assets are the Best Candidates for our Energy Efficiency, Solar & Storage Program?
affordable living

Assisted Living Facilities

Do not be left behind with Governor Rick Scott’s mandate for a secondary form of back up power to keep the facility under 81 degrees for 96 straight hours. Our commercial battery solution will provide the power while the solar system will charge the batteries during the day.
owner occupied

Owner Occupied Buildings

Anyone who owns a building and is paying the monthly electric bill is feeling that expense. A $0 upfront Energy Efficiency, Solar & Storage program will drastically reduce your electric bill while providing back up power for your building.
industrial buildings solar energy

Industrial Buildings

These assets have large roof tops with typically very little obstructions. You can maximize your unused roof space with your very own Solar Power system.

Go Green with Go Solar Power

The Go Solar team has a full office of Solar Specialists eager to answer questions, educate homeowners and committed to providing the best solar power options available to meet your needs.
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