Why GSP for your Business?

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Top 5 Reasons to Put Solar & Storage on Your Commercial Building


Lock in your Electric rate at a fraction of your current electric rate.


Become a Sustainable Leader in your community.


Increase the Value of your Asset with an 8% to 12% annualized return.

Federal Investment Tax Credit

Receive a 26% Federal Tax Credit plus Depreciation Tax Deduction.


Have Instant Backup Power in the event of an Outage for a fraction of the cost of a generator.

Keep your Business Running 24/7

  • Backup – Have an instant generator powered by the Sun


  • Storage – Power your building’s needs


  • Power – Operate your refrigeration equipment, Air Conditioning and more with the Tesla Powerwalls


Increase Your Asset's Value

Sales Price = Net Operating Income divided by Cap Rate.


One of the most efficient ways to reduce operating expenses and increase operating income is with a Solar Power System. This leads to a significant increase in value of asset.



Low Risk 8-12% return on your investment with the only risk being the sun not coming out.


For every one panel installed, return 3-4 times invested.


Sustainable/ Green assets can garner more money in most markets.

World Class Solar Equipment

  • 405 Watt Panel

    Highest Wattage Panel on the Market.

  • Over 20% Efficiency Rate

    Produce more power with less space.

  • Meets Snow & Wind Load Requirements

    Over 5400 Pascal Rating.

  • Solaredge Commercial Inverter with Power Optimizers

    Top Rated – #1 Commercial Inverter in the World

  • Perfromance

    Guaranteed Solar Production with Lifetime Performance Monitoring

  • Assurance

    20 Year Warranty

Operating Lease

Tax Savings

Federal Investment Tax Credit

Receive a 26% Federal Tax Credit from the IRS off the total cost of your solar system even when using a $0 upfront loan

Depreciation Tax Deduction

Receive the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) depreciation tax deduction