At Go Solar Power, we take pride in providing the best solar panel options for our customers and their specific needs.



Clean Energy provides Clear Benefits

Our friendly and professional service provides you with several renewable energy solutions for you to choose from. You save time and money finding the most suitable solution for your needs.
Upfront Cost on a Solar & Battery Storage System
Finance your solar system for as low as 2.99%
IRS Tax Credit Savings of the system cost goes back to you.
on average in long term savings


Compliment Your Solar Package With A



Providing Seamless Backup Power

Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack provides energy storage for solar self-consumption,time-based control, and backup. The electrical interface provides a simple connection to any home or building. Its revolutionary compact design achieves market-leading energy density and is easy to install, enabling owners to quickly realize the benefits of reliable, clean power.




With Our Simplified Solar Solutions

Going Solar is easy when you have knowledge and experience on your side. Speak to one of our Solar Specialists from one of our locations. We have offices in Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama and our headquarters state, Florida.We’re here to help. Call us to for a free, no obligation consultation to determine if Go Solar Power is right for you.
sunny saving



At Go Solar Power, we take pride in providing the best solar panel options for our customers and their specific needs.

Turnkey solar systems that offer



utilizing either our loan or lease programs.

Go Solar Power has many different solar financing solutions to help homeowners. From leases to PACE loans to unsecured loans, GSP provides options that are the best fit for you, your family, and your budget.

We make Going Solar Simple with a $0.00 out of pocket/2.99% Solar Loan.

Family Owned & Operated

Fully Licensed and Insured
Go Solar Power takes great pride in our- A+ BBB rating, tons of 5 star Google reviews, large presence on Facebook, Solar CVC license, Electrical Contractor’s license, fully licensed with General Liability, Workers Comp, Auto, Professional Liability, and more.
GO Solar Power, LLC, Solar Energy Equipment Dealers, Delray Beach, FL

next generation solutions
to save time, money,
and frustration

Find it fast!

Imagine a perfect Smart Data solution. Imagine finding what you need each and every time, with a minimum of effort. Imagine each and every document– and any piece of any document– searchable by words, numbers, dates, categories and more. All that can happen, and more.

Advanced Search Solutions

Tag any document with custom fields that make sense for your business: Project Name, Customer Name, Document Date, Invoice, Proposal, the list can be endless. And once you have created your tag, all that information is instantly searchable as well. Still more: you can set up automatic tags to make data search faster, better, and easier for you with no additional effort at all. Save direct from anywhere, anytime. And no duplicates– you’ll always have the most current version of every document!

Automatic permission levels ensure that only those authorized to see certain documents can access them.

Customized rules and procedures for recording, preserving and deleting records ensure established protocols are met. And detailed audit trails are automatically created by document and by individual. Store on your own hard drive or network folders; on CD/DVD or in a secure Cloud vault

Documents Turned
Into Smart Data

All Documents

Extract from any source! Today's intelligent document process means much more than simply turning paper files into a digital repository.

Any paper process can become a nimble digital one: credit card applications; signature cards; employee files; unemployment records, real estate contracts; mortgage applications; construction drawings; medical records, accounting & case files and more. Even hand or type-written data. Digital signature extraction that complies with government and industry regulations. Even paper documents that automatically are extracted into a digital database

Intelligent Documents

Optical character recognition (OCR) and quality controls ensure that data elements are efficiently and correctly extracted. Then the digital smart data can be used to automatically process math functions.

To perform complex functions that automatically manage business processes. Workflow functionality that can interface directly with any department, including Accounting and Human Resources-- even between employees and contractors or sub-contractors, no matter where there location. Smarter data means more work with less effort in less time.

Secure Documents

Security is in the Cloud. Your data is precious, and 5i Solutions treats it that way!

The cloud is not only convenient, with worldwide access to the data you need 24/7, but a 5i Solutions Cloud Vault storage system puts you in control of your data. No one can access it unless you authorize them. Operational security includes Site-to-Site VPN. Encryption capabilities up to AES-256. Key management. Firewalls, portioned LANs, and back-end servers separate from public interface. Anti-malware, detection, & mitigation. Visibility and alerts for user activities. Even customized penetration testing against security controls.

Enterprise Information Management

All Your Information, One Single Interface Custom-Tailored for You!

Got Data Silos? No Problem!

Some companies feel they must eliminate data silos. 5i Solutions has a better way. 5i can develop a custom solution that will allow access to your data in a way that makes sense, no matter where it is.


One single interface for any data stored virtually anywhere. The data silos are not the problem. Having access to them is, and 5i Solutions can give you just that. Because data isn’t smart data until you can access and use it.

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Automated Workflows and Increased Accountability

Automated financial business processes, from simple approvals to sophisticated, multi-step workflows with multiple stakeholders, assignments, notifications and electronic signatures – creating audit-ready records that are compliant with financial regulations like SEC and the IRS.

5i Streamlined Solutions

  • Automatic tracking, reminders, and notices
  • Streamline and direct workflow
  • Eliminate multiple versions of a document
  • Detailed audit trail by document and by individual
  • Improve visibility into your information flow Customize rules and procedures for recording, preserving, and deleting records automatically
  • Dramatically increase audit-readiness

One Dashboard.
Data and Operations Redundancy

More than Simply Data Backup: Your organization can have complete redundancy of data and of operations with RAID storage virtualization for reliability, availability, and performance.
“Reliable access = better decisions. 5i Solutions is proud to guarantee 99.9% uptime.”