Solar Pergoal Panels

The Solar Pergola Simplified

Go Solar Power has rolled out an Aluminum Pergola. The Structure will be a 2 post or 4 post Pergola with a slightly pitched roof. The Roof will be similar to a Standing Seam metal roof with Seams.


Attached to the gutter line of the roof with 2 Posts or as a 4 Post detached Pergola.


Powder coated to White, Black, Bronze, Silver, Beige or Brown


We will use S-5 clamps or a similar clamp to match the size and shape of the Seam.


I already signed the agreement, why is there more planning?

Our structural and electrical engineers verify the accuracy of the proposal production matches the findings from the site visit, and then we design your project plans. Unanticipated tree coverage, roof damage, and other variables can affect the timeframe of this stage, please be patient with the process so we can provide the highest level of precision and accuracy.


GSP will have a Roofing and GC license by June 12th for FL.

3 Sizes using 405 Watt Jinko Panels

Each panel is 21.5 square feet. Going to put a $15,000 Adder in for the Pergola.

15 Panels System for 6.07kw

Example would be a 20 feet by 20 feet for 400 square feet. $12,000 adder

18 Panels System for 7.3kw

Example would be a 20 feet by 24 feet for 480 square feet. $15,000 adder.

21 Panels System for 8.5kw

Example would be a 24 feet by 24 feet for 576 square feet. $18,000 adder.

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