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From the Mouth of an Inspector

Richard M – Inspector – Been working in Palm Beach County for 30 years as an electrician and now an inspector and I have never seen such a mint installation as Go Solar Power. I even knocked on the door and spoke to the Homeowner to let them know that Go Solar Power did an amazing job.

In Good Hands with Go Solar Power

From the moment we called Go Solar Power we knew we were in good hands. We had the privilege of working with the owner of the company, Court. He took the time to explain all the benefits of going solar, not only to our pocketbook, but to our Carbon Footprint. We are happy to run our home on power by the Sun! For someone who loves to blast the air conditioning – Solar Power, I knew that Solar Power was for us. I am saving money every month vs. paying it to FPL! Thanks to the entire staff of Thomas, Tina, Nataly, Dan, Jackson, Brittany and Raf – All top notch at what they do. Also Thomas M in Finance was also a great help with any finance questions I had. This is the company to work with when going Solar!

What are you waiting for?

We have been Go Solar customers for the past two years and have just added a Tesla Power Wall to the system. We have cut our power bill from an average of $150.00 a month to $12.00. It’s as close to “off the grid” as you can get. What are you waiting for? ~ Richard F.

EVERY employee is a knowledgeable individual

GO SOLAR…..a FANTASTIC COMPANY for one to employ for installation of solar panels and Tesla Power Walls. EVERY employee is a knowledgeable individual, from Sales Reps to Installers. They are efficient, tidy after installation and are lightening fast in returning calls and emails. They explained every step of installation and what was going to be done and the outcome in terms of solar.
Without question, this is the BEST company to go with for Solar Power. I cannot tell you how comfortable I feel having employed them…..and yes, I did have several companies give me estimates and they were in the ballpark.

Recommend using Go Solar!!

Go Solar provided excellent and through explanations every step of the way on my conversion over to Solar. Everyone from initial sales, installation and service was knowledgeable and professional. I definitely recommend using Go Solar!!

You can’t go wrong with Go Solar Power!

This company is amazing. Not only is their product top rate the people working there are nice, accommodating and attentive. If I could I would give it more stars! You can’t go wrong with Go Solar Power!! ~ Andrea S.

Great job and great customer experience!

The installation crew of Go Solar is very professional and efficient and the team was always available to guide me and update me through all the steps of the process, and answer questions after the system was installed and running. Great job and great customer experience! ~ Stephan D.

Long Time Plan to Go Solar

We wanted to go with solar for a long time .We went to all the home shows , looked online , even had a few companies come out for quotes. I picked Go Solar Power by chance , then checked reviews. Reviews where solid. We talked to Jamie in sales , he walked us through the numbers on solar , then had info on Tesla powerwalls , and talked about financial . He was very easy to understand. Dan was our project manager. Dan walked through entire project from install of panels and powerwalls to inspection. We had delays from Tesla , Dan kept us updated. Saying all of this , we where amateur in the world of solar . Go Solar Power from sales, to management to install teams did a great job . I would highly recommend Go Solar Power as a company. ~ Javier T.

Went Solar with New House
Started looking at solar power back in March when my wife and I started looking to buy a house. Closed on house in July. On Labor Day weekend, we signed the contract for an 10.3 KW system. They dealt with my HOA in getting submitting the paperwork. System got installed on Oct 21, and they worked with the city and my electric utility to sign off on the install. System went live on November 20th. It was a pretty smooth process and I appreciated how much they took care of. I definitely recommend Go Solar Power to my friends. ~ Jonathon B.
Excellent Experience

William-Keneth and the Go Solar team did an excellent job at everything from first meeting to final installation. We interviewed 7 or 8 solar companies and Go Solar by far was the most professional one. Everything done on time and exactly as agreed, to satisfaction. Highly recommended. Thank. you Go Solar! ~ Dan P.

Pleasure working with Go Solar Power

We had the pleasure of working with Go Solar. It was a dream of my wife and I to have a solar powered home and Go Solar made it happen! From the president of the company on to the installers, everyone was friendly and courteous. We were asking so many questions especially our 6 year old and everybody that worked on our project was more than happy to answer. I would encourage anyone considering installing solar to call this company FIRST!!!! They are AMAZING. ~ Cornelius B.

So happy I went with Go Solar!

I couldn’t be happier that I went with Go Solar Program! I am saving so much money! I got quotes from several other companies and nothing compared! Everyone who helped along the way were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and understanding! The installers were extremely clean and kept my property looking amazing!

-L Willard

I can’t wait to officially Go Solar!

I am one step away from going live with Solar. This Company has impressed me every step of the way. Absolutely every one I have been in contact with is not only knowledgeable but personable. Every step has been clearly explained. Court and Catherine are so informative and caring. The Installation team from SEM have been hard working and informative as well friendly. The customer service has been outstanding​.
-D Pedano

This is a real deal

They help you with the procedure all the way through…Once paperwork was completed, the system was installed in less than two days. I have not received an electric bill in 8 months l!!!
-K Hirsh

If you’re thinking about going solar, it only makes sense to go with Go Solar!

I’ve been up and running for almost a year now with Go Solar. They are the best of the best from top to bottom. Customer service is always quick and concise while handling any issues or questions. I couldn’t have asked for things to be laid out any smoother from start to finish. Also, the installation team was amazing and very thorough throughout the entire process.

-R. Kubik

Savings Satisfaction

I had Go Solar install a solar power system in my home in November 2018. I have been extremely happy with the savings realized by using the sun instead of hydrocarbons… After some “settling-in time” my monthly Duke Power bill is now only $9.91 per month. ($9.66 connection charge and $.25 tax). I have accrued 473 kWhs of excess power to Duke.
-H Catlett

I wish I could give you 100 stars.

Court and Go Solar Team I am impressed with the professionalism, efficiency, knowledge and friendliness of your install crew. From the minute I contacted Go Solar Power it was nothing but seamless professionalism. I was taken care of like your most valued customer and treated with the utmost respect. I am so happy I decided to go with Go Solar Power.

-G. DeBoer

Very responsive team!

Price is reasonable. The design met my energy usage. I got quotes from 3 companies and Go Solar was the best in price and quality. Very responsive team!
-J Benner

Go Solar Power was a pleasure to do business with!

From Court the owner to Nataly and Christina in the office. They were all great to deal with.
The install was also a great experience! The guys were clean, thorough and made sure everything was perfect.
If you’re in the market to purchase solar, look no further. Go Solar Power is where you want to do business! Thanks again Go Solar Power team!

-L. Laguna

I could not be happier with the results

Go Solar Installed 38 Solar panels on my roof in Oct 2018. I could not be happier with the results. I ran my most recent 30 day consumption/production report which showed that the solar panels produced 38% of the energy I consumed. Last year for the same period of time, I received/consumed 1400 kwh from FPL. This year, the same period of time, I received/consumed 45 KWH from FPL. Go-Solar! ~ Bart C.

Andrew J. – Google 5 Star Review


Working flawlessly for 8 months

The people at Go Solar Power worked with me to design and install the system I wanted. Together, we were able to overcome the problems associated with installing a PV system in an older house. The system has been working flawlessly for about 8 months. Our FP&L bill has been $8.50 a month. The crew who did the installation did an excellent job and left the job site clean. So far we have generated almost 6 Mega watt hours. Now, at our house, Earth Day is every day! ~ Joseph R.

Wish I had done it Sooner


Last time I paid a full power bill was March

These guys know what they are doing! Got my system in 2017. Last time I paid a full power bill was March of that year and last time I paid more than basic connection was October 2017. In 2018 I had a surplus that resulted in a credit! As of today my loan payment is less than I was paying average per month to FPL. And I crank my ac to 71 before bed every night! This people might be slightly more expensive than others. But in this case you get what you pay for. I know 2 people who have done solar after I did. They went with cheaper installer. But they had so many issues with no returned calls, no timely inspections, etc. Not sure if the savings are worth the hassle. Anyway, highly recommended! Oh, and even after having closed business with them 2 years ago, they have time to answer my calls and help me out with questions about my installation! Joel R.

Electric bill is awesome

After installing solar panels my electric bill is awesome! ~ Terrance W. St. Johns, FL

The customer service has been outstanding

I am one step away from going live with Solar. This Company has impressed me every step of the way. Absolutely everyone I have been in contact with is not only knowledgeable but personable. Every step has been clearly explained. Court and Catherine are so informative and caring. The Installation team from SEM have been hard working and informative as well friendly. The customer service has been outstanding . I can’t wait to officially Go Solar! ~ Della L. P., from Spring Hill, FL

Process was made so easy

The Go Solar Program sounded to good to be true, but has turned out exactly as promised. The whole process was made so easy by this company and the cost was much less than expected. I definitely recommend them if you are considering solar. ~ Pamela C., from Chipley | System Size: 5.13 KW

The Go Solar team is the best in Florida

The Go Solar team is the best in Florida. Right off the top they discussed how to reduce my consumption before we even installed a single panel. The technicians are top notch, and did everything right the first time. I haven’t paid for electricity since I got my system installed, and have racked up credit for producing more than I’ve used. The power company announced a rate increase next year and it doesn’t bother me. Scot and Debbie C., from Gulf Breeze, FL | System Size: 7.02 KW

Featured Reviews

I’m glad I found Go Solar Power

As Mark said, I’m an Electrical Engineer, presently managing the Quality Department at Arnott Inc. Arnott | The #1 Global Leader in Air Ride Suspension (arnottindustries.com)

As Mark said, I interviewed 5 different companies before choosing Go Solar Power. I had a few requirements when I set out to get a solar system. I wanted a reputable company that had done this awhile (there are a lot out there but it didn’t mean they knew what they were doing), I wanted reasonable pricing and I wanted battery backup. While I love helping our ecology, and not paying the electric company, more importantly I wanted to run my house if the power company failed. Our area, where we built our new house 2 years ago, in Grant Florida, had been without power for two weeks when one of the hurricanes took out the power lines. Most of the companies I interviewed did not even want to deal with the battery backup and had no experience in it. The couple that did, wanted to use old style panels that could not be individually monitored or have inverters in them. They just feed the DC voltage to a single inverter rather than each panel converting the energy to AC voltage. The other problems with them is that the inverters they recommended could not have more than one back up battery and I wanted two with the option for more later. They also did not offer to have Tesla power wall batteries. They offered other brands that were cheaper, but not as tested as Tesla batteries. I like cheaper, but when I really need my electricity I don’t want to chance it if I don’t have to. The Tesla batteries are the same technology they use for the batteries they install in their electric cars. So their reliability has to be excellent. If you built your company on only building electric cars and the reliability of your batteries turned out to be bad, you wouldn’t be in the electric car business long and Tesla knows that. They built their technology for reliability for years.


Mark was the most knowledgeable of all the salesmen I talked with, even the guy in our area who had started selling them 30 years ago, back when solar first came out. He didn’t seem to have kept up with the technology. What I did find is that the basic price per kilowatt hour, without the batteries, was almost exactly the same amongst the companies. I checked on the internet and found that what Go Solar Power was offering the batteries and equipment for seemed right in line with the pricing I was finding. Mark was the only one that could help me figure out and could explain to me how he was figuring out how many solar panels and batteries I needed for what I wanted to cover if we lost power. My calculations came to the same answer he gave me. With two Tesla Power Walls and the right number of panels to charge them, I was at a comfortable medium. I wanted to be able to run my house air conditioner, refrigerators, water heater, lights etc. totally off grid for weeks if needed. I might not run my air conditioner as cold as I do now at night. My wife and I like to sleep like it’s winter time. I might only use my electric dryer during the day when there might be more extra power, but I would be comfortable. I wanted enough panels to make it very likely I could fully discharge my batteries at night and still be able to fully recharge and use power during the next day, during the daylight hours.


Then there was the financing. That part kind of concerned me at first. I felt a little unsecure not knowing who my bank was, but that turned out to be great too. My loan is with Corning Credit Union in New York. They sent me all the paper work, I read everything, it looked good and I signed it. They have recently sent me reminders that my loan will be starting soon. Very professional and on the up and up.


How about the install? My panels went up a couple of months ago. The crew came out and had it done in a day. They were friendly, professional, cleaned up after themselves and they look great installed. See the pictures below. I’m sure Mark has told you that the Power Walls have been delayed. That said, Go Solar Power has been in touch with me and letting me know the progress along the way. Their customer service has been exceptional. My batteries will be installed this Sunday and Monday and will hopefully get turned on with the electric company before the end of the year. I’m looking forward to saving on my electricity, but even more, I’m looking forward to having the peace of mind that I don’t have to worry if the electric company is supplying power or not.


I hope this has answered a lot of questions. I offered to do this for Mark if he ever had someone that wanted to talk to a client. I know when I made this decision I wished I could have talked to someone before I signed on the dotted line, but I’m glad I found Go Solar Power. I actually found them, they didn’t find me. I did not get one of those phone calls. I went online and started checking out companies in my area that had a real office, address and people working there. I even google mapped them and went to road view and saw there building was there with their sign on it. I checked out their history and what solar materials they used and checked out the specifications on the panels and Tesla Power Walls.


I of course don’t know if there are other companies that could do was well as Go Solar Power, but I can tell you there are definitely some that would not do as well. I think you could go cheap, go questionable, and go in fear or you can Go Solar Power and sleep as well as I have every night since I started this. I have no regrets, no concerns and have been happy I chose them all the way through this.


Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. I should be available most of today, but anytime is fine. If you have I phones we could facetime and I could show you everything up close. Have a great day and I look forward to speaking with you. ~ Brian B.

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